Set Up Your Ranked Vote/Poll

Think of RCV123 as an online ranked-choice voting calculator or tool. You set the election or polling policies, methods and votes that go in. Then we calculate and display the results for you.

Some online RCV votes are for important group or school offices or decisions and should use verified voting methods. Others are casual polls on social media, a book club selecting their next title or an extended family choosing a reunion destination. Those ranked polls can use the easiest methods, and can carry little risk of - or consequences from - any rule breaking.

Open Links are the vast majority of online ranked polls or votes on RCV123. Anyone with a link can vote. No election dashboard or management tools provided.

Voter Verification Tiers ask for information - whether casual or unique to each voter and distributed in advance. Some methods require you to check the voter information on an election dashboard. Others automatically verify.

Our favorite Tier generates unique links that can only be voted once, and you e-mail those links out individually to your voters. Voters just click and vote securely.

Any RCV123 ballot or results page can easily be embedded on other websites.