Ranked-Choice Voting With Google Classroom /Google Forms

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Google Forms / Google Classroom Instructions

  1. Create a Google Form.
  2. Where it says “Untitled Form,” type in your election’s name. The lower part of the form will disappear while you type. Click on the body of the form to make the hidden sections re-appear.
  3. Delete the phrase “Untitled Question” and leave that field blank.
  4. The default Form type is “Multiple Choice.” Change that to “Multiple-Choice Grid.”
  5. Put a candidate’s name in each row. RCV123 can handle up to 30 candidates and 20 ranks, and Google Sheets has thousands of rows for votes.
  6. For ranks, label columns from “1” to the number of candidates you have (up to 20 ranks). (5 in this example.) Do not use any letters or phrases such as “3rd Choice” in the column labels. 
  7. You can choose to have fewer ranks/columns than candidates. That reduces the number of ranks your voters will have. If you have a large number of candidates, it may be simpler for voters to have fewer ranks.
  8. Also, if you have more than 9 columns/ranks, voters will need to scroll the form to see columns 10 or higher.
  9. We recommend that you do not enable “Require a response in each row.”Question Icon
  10. In the bottom right of the ballot set up area, you’ll see three dots arranged vertically. Click on the dots and select “Limit to one response per column.” This prevents a voter from giving the same candidate two different ranks.
  11. Now go to “Settings” at the top of the page. Under “Responses,” turn on “Limit to one response / require sign in.” This limit is not necessary if you are only holding a demonstration or test vote.
  12. When the voting is over, click on ”Responses” at the top of the page. Then click “Link to Sheets,” which is also near the top of the page.
  13. Format your Google Sheet exactly as shown above. Cells A1-A5 and B1-B5 you will type in yourself. Columns C and beyond are for ranks you gathered via the Google multiple choice grid form. 
  14. Upload your spreadsheet using the box below. The uploader can only calculate one election per Google Sheet. 
  15. When uploading is complete, this page will refresh to show results automatically. The links to the election results will be available in your account dashboard.

Example of Completed Multiple-Choice Grid Form