Set Up Your Election

Not every group vote is the same. Some are for competitive, important group offices. Others might be a book club selecting their next title. RCV123 has a wide range of voting methods.

Open Links are the vast majority of votes on RCV123. Anyone with a link can vote, but with no formal controls on voter behavior and participation. Open Links are more appropriate when the group is high-trust or the decision is low-stakes. Open Links are good for polls on social media or RCV voter training.

Active Voter Management methods are available for a more formal process. Of the many we offer, our favorite is when RCV123 generates unique links that can only be voted once, and you e-mail those links out individually to your voters. Voters just click and vote.

Think of RCV123 as a ranked-choice voting calculator or spreadsheet. You set the election policies, methods and votes that go in. Then we calculate and display the results for you.