Simple, Free Ranked-Choice Voting for Everyone

Our non-profit mission: RCV education by demonstration

Use ranked-choice voting for any group vote

Setup an Online Election or Poll

Try it. It's Free!

Use open links anyone can vote with, or

More actively manage who votes

Open links are fast and easy for small, high-trust groups, casual polls on social media or RCV voter training

For formal votes, email a unique one-time link to each voter, or confirm voter email or member IDs

Or Vote in Person on Paper Ballots

Our free iPhone App quickly prints, scans and tabulates paper RCV ballots

Easy-to-audit paper ballots are the gold standard, even in DIY elections

Try an RCV Practice Ballot

Our grid ballots are similar to the format of nearly all official RCV locations

Plus we add a helpful double-checking system

And a colorful results bar chart to show the rounds of counting

System Features

  • Unlimited number of voters
  • Single-winner or multi-winner elections
  • No accounts needed to set-up or to vote
  • Post Open Links on social media
  • Up to 10 races per ballot
  • Up to 30 candidates per race
  • Option for randomized ballot order
  • Up to 20 ranks
  • Choice of voter management methods
    • Casual: Open Link anyone can use to vote
    • Formal: send unique one-time-use voting link to each voter
    • Formal: require confirmation of email or member ID
  • Link and code confirmations do not require receiving email from external addresses
  • Sortable election management / voter information dashboard
  • Educational real-world grid ballot
    • With helpful double-check system
  • Provisional ballots available if needed
  • Transparency for raw ballot data
  • Simple, colorful results graphs
  • If your election has a complex or unusual ballot, please contact us.
    The system can add additional features.

Think of RCV123 as a ranked-choice voting calculator or spreadsheet.

You set the election policies, confirmations and votes that go in.

Then we calculate and display the results for you.