About Us

RCV123 is a new non-profit with a focused and unique mission - educate about ranked-choice voting by creating systems so any community group, school or anyone at all can hold an RCV election easily and for free.

We were founded in 2017 and are largely self-funded. We do not receive any foundation or institutional support. The founders saw the growing momentum of ranked-choice voting and after a lot of strategic analysis, decided that actual use of RCV was a missing link that could help educate and normalize the idea of RCV at the grassroots level.

Future donations will be used to pay for:

We are registered as a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit with the IRS. We do not want to - and are not allowed to - get involved in political advocacy. Our mission is 100% education. The hard work of lobbying, petitions, legislation, rallies, letters to the editor, speeches and handing out flyers or going door-to- door for specific ranked-choice reforms is already being done very capably by many national and state groups.

That said, we hope our work is helpful to any group advocating for RCV in official elections in towns, cities and states, as well as in political primaries and conventions. We also hope that our app and online systems will be the easiest way to hold a group vote, even if the user has never heard of RCV.

Two things are crystal clear to us: 1) America is in great need of non-partisan political reform, and 2) ranked choice is both the most powerful and "shovel ready" reform available.

Given the RCV movement's strong foundation, it's a crucial time to get to work with innovative new tools for accelerating local, state and national RCV education and awareness. We’re proud to have taken on this entrepreneurial project on behalf of a more responsive democracy.