Simple, Free Ranked-Choice Voting for Everyone

RCV123 is the easiest way to hold your own ranked-choice voting election - either on-line or with paper ballots.

Follow these links to use to: is where ranked-choice voting shifts from a reform idea to something people can use in everyday life.

We believe for ranked-choice voting to succeed from east to west and red to blue, it can't just be an abstract policy. It's got to be personal - something that is always within reach and citizens get as comfortable using as they are asking for a show of hands.

We're a non-profit for ranked-choice voting education. Our chosen strategy is education by demonstration. Or put another way - try it, you'll like it.

RCV is a voting method that helps form consensus, and this is our way to help ranked-choice voting grow and perhaps lead societies to more agreement rather than less.

So we built an iPhone app that prints and scans paper RCV ballots, as well as a flexible, on-line RCV system where users can:

Think of our system as a ranked-choice voting calculator or spreadsheet. We do the tabulations, but only with the results of your election policies and the voter criteria you set.

Our hope is that ranked-choice voting activists in the US and around the world will encourage civic groups and schools in their local communities to use RCV for their internal elections.

Our 10-year goal is for RCV123 to become the world's standard way to hold a do-it-yourself ranked-choice voting election.

If you try it and like it, please consider a donation. We will be improving our RCV systems over time, and your help will go a long way.

Our voting systems are designed for elections and decisions by:

We offer: